Speakers from a range of specialist centres

Across our events, we have been supported by an impressive line-up of speakers from a range of dynamic centres across the UK and Europe.

Prof. Joep Killestein

Prof. Joep Killestein

Prof. Roshan das Nair

Prof. Roshan das Nair

Dr. Ruth Dobson

Prof. Ruth Dobson

Dr. Daniel Jons

Dr. Daniel Jons

Prof. Julia Edgar

Prof. Julia Edgar

Dr. Siobhan Leary

Dr. Siobhan Leary

Dr. Daniel Jons

Dr. Will Brown

Dr. Gemma Maxwell

Dr. Gemma Maxwell

Dr. Niraj Mistry

Dr. Niraj Mistry

Prof. Fredrik Piehl

Prof. Ruth Ann Marrie

Prof. Robin Franklin

Dr Emma Tallantyre

Dr Patrick Kearns

Dr Wallace Brownlee

Prof. Jeremy Chataway

Prof. John Paul Leach

Dr. Veronique Miron

Prof. Adam Waldman

Dr. David Rog

Prof. Alan Carson

Professor Tim Spelman

Prof. Tim Spelman

Professor Denise Fitzgerald

Prof. Denise Fitzgerald

Professor Amit Bar-Or

Prof. Amit Bar-Or

Professor Helen Ford

Prof. Helen Ford

Professor Jonathan O'Riordan

Prof. Jonathan O’Riordan

Dr. David Hunt

Dr Yvonne Dumbrowski

Prof. Ingrid Kockum

Dr Peter Connick

Prof. Anna Williams

Prof. Lou Brundin

Prof. Laura Airas

Dr Rachel Kneen

Prof. Jeremy Hobart

Dr Katy Murray

Prof. Anders Svenningson

Prof. Jan Lycke

Dr Melinda Magyari

Dr Don Mahad

“The meeting was extremely informative and it will be useful to have these new clinical contacts. Indeed one of the other attendess has already agreed to come and speak to my staff and students. I think the initiative is a terrific one!”

Dr Julia Edgar, Senior Lecturer (Immunology), University of glasgow

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