Programme 2023

  Northern Connections MS Annual Meeting

Across our events, we continue to draw an impressive line-up of speakers from a range of important centres across the UK and Europe.


Optional Breakfast Session – 8am, Friday 23 June 2023, Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh


8:00am – 9:00am

Breakfast Session – Complex Patient Cases

Stella Hughes, Victoria Royal Infirmary, Belfast

Main Meeting – 9am, Friday 23 June 2023, Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh


Morning Session 1- Chair: Professor David Hunt


9.15am - 9.20am

Welcome & Meeting Aspirations



9.20am - 09.55am

Understanding MS Across All Populations

Dr Ruth Dobson, Queen Mary University London


09.55am - 10.30am

Epstein Barr virus as a risk factor for multiple sclerosis

Dr Daniel Jons, Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden


10.30am - 10.45am

Panel Discussion



10.45am - 11.00am


Morning Session 2 – Chair: Dr Gavin McDonnell


11.00am - 11.45pm

Myelin’s highway to the axon: implications for axon support and injury

Professor Julia Edgar, University of Glasgow



11.45pm - 12.30pm

Research Update – 4 x 10 minute presentations

Research speakers TBC



12.30pm - 13.15pm


Afternoon Session 1 – Chair: Dr Briony Waddell


13.15pm - 13.55pm

DMT sequencing for the pragmatist

Dr Will Brown, University of Cambridge


13.55pm - 14.35pm

Discontinuation of Disease-Modifying Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis

Professor Joep Killestein, Amsterdam University Medical Centres


14.35pm - 14.45pm

Coffee Break

Afternoon Session 2 – Chair: Dr Kate Petheram


14.45pm - 15.15pm

Addressing issues of cognition and employment in multiple sclerosis

Professor Roshan das Nair, SINTEF Digital, Health Services Research, Trondheim, Norway


15.15pm - 15.45pm

Vocational Rehabilitation

Dr Siobhan Leary, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


15.45pm - 16.25pm

Debate: The time is right to talk to patients about PIRA

Dr Niraj Mistry vs Dr Gemma Maxwell

Chair: Dr Kate Petheram


16.25pm - 16.30pm

Closing Remarks



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