Prof. Lou Brundin

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Prof. Lou Brundin

Lou Brundin holds a professorship in neuroimmunology at Dept of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska institute in Stockholm Sweden. She is clinically active as neurologist and member of the Neuroinflammation Unit at Karolinska University Hospital and runs a research group focused on the effect of inflammatory mediators on stem cells in the CNS. The research group is translational and involved in studies on adult neural stem cells, effects of transplantation of neural- and mesenchymal stem cells to the CNS. The group is also involved in studies on birth-dating of oligodendrocytes in humans, biomarkers in neuroinflammatory disease, and clinical projects relating to specific neuroinflammatory disorders and to spinal cord injury. Brundin is presently the scientific director of neurology and neurosurgery at Karolinska University Hospital.

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