Prof. Laura Airas

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Prof. Laura Airas

Professor Laura Airas obtained her medical degree at the University of Turku, in Turku, Finland. After graduation, and after finishing her PhD on Immunology and Cell biology, she specialized in neurology, obtaining a neurology consultant status in 2001 and a docentship in neurology in 2007. She founded her own research group in 2002, studying the immunology of pregnancy in MS. Today she is leading a research group whose main aim is to elucidate the pathological mechanisms of progressive MS by using a multi-modal approach which includes PET-imaging, advanced MRI imaging, and soluble biomarker analysis. Laura Airas is an experienced clinician, and also well connected with scientists of different backgrounds (PET, metabolomics, immunology) and with excellent track records. She spends half of her professional time as a clinical neurologist, consulting for MS-patients, and also actively participates in randomised clinical trials for MS. Laura Airas has authored over 90 peer-reviewed articles in international journals. Funding for the group comes from the Finnish Academy, foundations and industry. In 2015 she received an international Grant for Multiple Sclerosis Innovation (GMSI) award, and in 2016-2017 she spent an academic year as a visiting professor at Yale University.

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