Prof. Denise Fitzgerald

Professor Denise Fitzgerald

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Professor Denise Fitzgerald

Professor of Neuroimmunology, Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Science, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Denise completed her PhD in immunology under the mentorship of Prof. Alan Baird in University College Dublin. During this time Denise developed a keen interest in demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system and in 2004 she moved to Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, to pursue postdoctoral training in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research.

In 2009, Denise set up her independent lab at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). The central goal of her group’s research is to identify new strategies to treat MS and other inflammatory and demyelinating disorders. Her group
are particularly interested in the process of myelin regeneration (remyelination) and aim to identify
novel therapeutic strategies to promote remyelination in the CNS. To do this, her group have established a Regenerative Neuroimmunology research programme to uncover new knowledge of how the immune system influences tissue regeneration in the CNS.


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