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Dr. Will Brown

NIHR Advanced Fellow and Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge; visiting research fellow at Clinical Outcomes Research Group, University of Melbourne; and Consultant Neurologist, specialising in multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmunological conditions.

Will leads the Cambridge Big Data in Multiple Sclerosis group, and has experience in MRI and phase II/III clinical trials.

Under the supervision of Declan Chard (Queen Square, London), he used MRI to demonstrate a periventricular MTR gradient in all types of MS [Brown et al Brain. 2017; Brown et al Mult Scler. 2020] which is strongly associated with clinical outcomes and can be modified by peripheral immunotherapy [Brown et alMult Scler. 2019]. This likely reflects a new treatment target, meningeal inflammation [Pardini, Brown et al Brain 2021].

Under Alasdair Coles’ supervision, he ran the CCMR-One remyelination trial [Brown, Cunniffe et al Lancet Neurology. 2021] and identified new MRI outcome measures for future remyelination trials [Brown et alAnn Clin Trans Neurol, 2022].

His primary focus is now using Big Data to reduce disability in multiple sclerosis (see Big Data in MS page for current work). Under the supervision of Tomas Kalincik he has been extensively involved in proving the long-term benefits of high-efficacy therapy [Kalincik, Brown et al Lancet Neurology 2017], especially when used early [Brown et al JAMA 2019; He, Merkel, Brown et al Lancet Neurology 2021].

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