Dr Patrick Kearns


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Dr. Patrick Kearns

Patrick is an academic neurology registrar training in Scotland with interests in molecular biology and epidemiology (molecular epidemiology). He is currently out of programme as an ECAT/Wellcome Trust funded PhD student based in the MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh and is studying the chromatin biology and molecular mechanisms of persistent DNA-virus latency and immune evasion, particularly focussing on Epstein Barr Virus (EBV).

Prior to starting neurology training in Glasgow/Edinburgh, Patrick studied medicine and intercalated in physiology in Edinburgh, completed basic medical training in Glasgow, studied for a master’s degree in public health at Harvard University on a Frank Knox Scholarship, then studied experimental molecular neurobiology at MIT and worked as a visiting scientist in the Housman lab, MIT biology.

On returning to UK before starting neurology training, he worked as a Rowling Scholar in the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic in Edinburgh studying the spatial epidemiology of neurological diseases in Scotland using the Scottish Multiple Sclerosis Register and other Scottish epidemiological resources. He continues to work with Rowling clinic support on these epidemiological projects including on the exciting Future-MS longitudinal cohort study.

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